Kilye Natural Products

Natural Kilye Line consists of various basic products; Extra-virgin olive oil, Table Olives, Olive Spread/Paste, Tomato Preserve in glass, Tomato Pastes, Grilled Paprika Preserve, Paprika Paste, Breakfast Paste-Acuka, Grape Molasses, Tahena(Crushed Sesame seed paste), Grape and Fruit Jam, Marmelade , Hand Made Crackers from stone Oven, special nuts and sesame seeds from Vineyard and Natural Soaps of olive oil.

The manifest of Kilye is; 'Be natural, seasonal and traditional'. The food engineers of Kilye are in the knowledge that the quality of the products depends highly on the quality of natural ingredients. Therefore the selection of the crops accordingly has a crucial importance for them. They make sure that the crops are local, seasonal and produced with organic and controlled farming with certification. Agricultural products are processed without any additional agents or chemicals. Glass is preferred for packaging in order to keep the products in the healthiest environment. The traditional methods  are preferred amongst the others.

Kilye products  do not contain any additional agents or chemicals. They are natural, seasonal and traditional.

In processing the olives, a traditional granite mill stone is used in order to obtain the original taste of extra-virgin olive oil as of past times. The system has a great ability to convert the olives into an aromatic olive oil while keeping the unique aromas and flavours of olives.

The local workers also contribute to the product development by their experience to maintain the old traditions. The products of Kilye are prominent with their diversity and simplicity of their production and they comprise high nutritional value especially for children.

As they do not contain any additional agents, additives or chemicals to prolong their shelf life, after opening you can keep them as long as the fresh fruits and vegetables being bought from the food open-market bazaars.