From which variety is yourgrape molasses?

Grapes of single variety are harvested from the family vineyards Bozokbağ, carefully washed and boiled under controlled temperature until concentrated. Natural grape molasses does not contain any chemicals. Sugar is not added for enhancing flavour or consistence. It only contains the sugar of the grape.  It is produced from a SINGLE vineyard with SINGLE and HIGH QUALITY variety.

“Grape molasses contains B1, B2 vitamins and several minerals. It is hematinic, appetizing and gives energy. It effects the stomach, intestine and kidneys positively. It is beneficial for arteriosclerosis and circulatory system. It is highly antioxidant.”



To obtain the traditional tahenna, organicaly grown sessame seeds of Gallipoli Peninsula are grinded and roasted, whole seeds are used. Tahenna is made of %100 sessame seeds, and contains only sessame oil.

"Tahenna is made of sesame which has a level of protein over 30%. It contains A,B and E vitamins, ferritin, calcium and lesitine. It is a strong natural antioxidant due to the high level of vitamin E."

"You may prepare Grape Molasses and Tahena mixture as a desert dip. The ratio is 3 spoons of tahenna to 1 spoon of Grape Molasses. This mix "